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Sharpes Multifeed Nuts

Sharpes Multifeed Nuts

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Sharpes Multifeed Nuts is a versatile ration that improves condition and productivity.

  • This ration is formulated as a supplementary feed for sheep, cattle, deer and goats.
  • Introduce Multifeed gradually and provide with pasture or silage.

Typical Analysis

Energy (ME/kgDM) 12
Fat Max 7%
Salt Max 2%
Crude Protein Min 12%
Crude Fibre Max 10%


Ingredients: Locally sourced Grains and Cereals, Limestone, Molasses, Macro and Trace Minerals, Vitamins

No Palm Kernel used.

This feed is suitable for ruminant animals.


Cattle : 1-4kg/day
Sheep: 250-750gms/day
Deer: Adult –  ½-2kg/day, Fawns – 100-500gms/day
Goats : Adult – ½-2kg/day, Kid – 50-200gms/day

Multifeed should be fed with grass or hay.

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